About Us


Thank you for choosing StylishAmericanLiving.com! StylishAmericanLiving.com was created by proud Americans just like you! The owner, had a vision for a home furniture and decor company where everything is proudly made in the USA. A variety of products on our Ibuyessayonline.com site are custom ordered, custom designed, and custom built. We take a lot in pride being Americans, and we show it in our business principals and products. If products are not up to this standard, they will NOT be sold with us. Quality is guaranteed and customer service is handled by an outstanding team of Fresh Minds Consulting Services.

In the spirit of American patriotism and philanthropy, we, stylishamericanliving.com, will make a donation to an American non-profit organization of your choice on your behalf. We support our country's work-force, economy, and manufacturer's. "As an entrepreneur, I am very proud to be an American, and our products and service reflect that. We treat our customers like humans beings, with the upmost respect and commitment. We stand behind our dream and vision here at SylishAmericanLiving.com, and we relay our dedication over to the consumer, our fellow Americans!" CEO